How It's Made

Each chocolate that you receive from California Chocolate Company will be uniquely hand painted with colored cocoa butter. Because of this, we align our flavors with shapes, instead of colors. Below you will find our collection of bon bons, truffles and other chocolates. 

(1)  HAZELNUT PRALINE, is our signature chocolate. This delightful bon bon is a mixture of brown butter, caramelized hazelnuts and milk chocolate, ground into a praline, and filled into a rounded, half-sphere mold.  

To make this praline filling, we begin a process of turning sugar into a lovely amber caramel, while at the same time roasting the hazelnuts in the oven. As the caramel reaches it's peak, we add the warm hazelnuts to the sugar and pour it onto a pan to begin to cool. This resembles a texture almost similar to peanut brittle.  While still slightly warm, we place this into a food processor and cut it up until it has similar texture of peanut butter.  

The last touches are to add a touch of brown butter milk chocolate, which add layers of flavor to the finished product.  



(2) SALTED-CARAMEL is our next chocolate, which is our vanilla-based caramel filled into a square mold. This chocolate is made by taking sugar and cooking it to the ultimate peak of caramelization. Then quickly stopping the cooking process by adding butter and cream, while also immersing fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar into the caramel.  


(3) DARK CHOCOLATE GANACHE is our delightful, creamy ganache (66%) encased in a dark chocolate shell.  Let those Hollywood nights be full of chocolates!  This chocolate is in a heart-shaped mold.